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I've been fascinated with glass since childhood, and I'm delighted to be able to work with this incredible medium. Primarily self-taught, I like to try to push the boundaries of beadmaking and glass sculpture, and I have developed several innovative techniques.

I spend a lot of time designing the interior architecture of my beads, sort of building them from the inside out; the concept of capturing the design within the bead is very appealing to me.

I've been privileged to have taken classes with several brilliant glass artists; most recently I've studied in Italy with Lucio Bubacco. Watching Lucio was no less than a revelation, he does things with glass that I thought were impossible.

Teaching students how to expand their knowledge of glass beadmaking is becoming a large component of my career, and one that I enjoy immensely!

I live in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband David, and our dog Buddy.

I love travelling, cooking, reading, gardening, and working out. (Okay, the
"working out" part sounds good, but it's not totally accurate. Sigh.)

My work is available on eBay, from this site, and at selected galleries.

Thank you for visiting my site, enjoy!!
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About Me
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